About Our Bakery

Pastimes Farm & Bakery comes from the desire to bring people back to experience the past. when times where simple and memories where treasured. A time when food was home-made, strangers came and left as friends, and things for the home where hand-crafted by those you loved and passed down to be loved....the ever-longing desire to take a journey back to the simpler times of days past.

Our Bakery

Pastimes Farm and Bakery specializes in gluten-free bakery items that are hand-made and created right here on our farm in our fully certified and state-inspected Bakery.

Experience the Pastimes Difference of really great, fresh bakery products!


If you have any questions about our weekly gluten-free products, availability, prices or pick-up Locations, please visit our Facebook page. Our gluten~free product list is updated weekly on our Facebook page.


We are not a certified gluten-free bakery. We do make other products that contain Wheat Products. We strive to offer the best gluten-free Products possible and to limit cross-contamination of both gluten and gluen-free products.